Thank you Lisa for filling in for Victoria on match 2… Another great match Thanks to everyone for making this possible.

See any error, let me know. Thank you.

Happy 4TH of JULY

Buckhead Tennis Summer 2014

One on One with Tennis Pro, Coach & Legend of the South Chuck Sobers - Interview - March 2014

The Frances Cup - Event II 2014 - Buckhead Tennis Final Interview
Winner interview of our social and recreational tennis competition in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.

The Frances Cup Competition Second Round Match update
1) April 13, 2014 Jefferey defeated Roman 75 - 62
2) April 23, 2014 Jesus M defeated Arnold 61 - 62
3) April 26, 2014 Jason defeated Leo 75 - 63
4) April 15, 2014 Cedric defeated Clay 62 - 60

US Postal Protest in Buckhead, April 24, 2014.
Another Federal institution on the way out.
Will this save the US Postal Office?

The Wheels of Progress Reached Buckhead!!!

Buckhead, Spring 2014 the skyline in Atlanta, GA is undergoing some noticeable change. Lately everywhere you look some kind of construction project is getting started or is in progress and sometimes nearing completion.

The economy is no longer in any kind of recession here for sure the market place looks healthy and vibrant with activities. That said jobs in this new market seems to be reserved for the young from 21 to 39 making this a new kind of market place only for the youth by the new youth.

Move over if you’re not in that age bracket get ready to move on, retire, reinvent yourself or even wither away, you had your chances and we’re not happy with the results seems to be the word lately. We love our old folks but we have a different focus on the future other than wars, global warming, market crashes, political discourse etc.,… which clearly illustrate our inheritance and describe what the boomers left behind according to the youth these days.

Not so fast youth and new generation the new job market will no longer be the way it was for sure with share this and apps for that, but it seems that the new maker place to become a better one should be inclusive to work well and should encourage everyone to participate that’s what great economies are made of.